“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”~ Maria Montessori 

Rebecca and I wanted to thank every teacher that has had a part in Charles and Finn’s education over the past several years.  We came to Dayspring Montessori School on the advice of my mother Bettye Bidwill and she was correct in her assessment of the school and teachers.  We have been blessed to watch the boys grow over the past several years and develop a sincere love for school.

We never would have thought that both of our boys would enjoy school to this level.  They have come such a long way in a short amount of time.  It is a pure reflection of the time, energy and care that all the teachers have put forth with not just our kids, but all kids that attend the Dayspring School.

Charles and Finn could not be more opposite, but they both love to talk about their school days and what they accomplished or worked on over the school day.  They each have their strengths and weaknesses as we all do, but for them to be at this level of knowledge at such a young age is a joy to watch and be a part of.  The foundation of their education was started at such a great school that we are happy they are excited to start their next journey at another school.

We know that because they have a great educational foundation that they will continue to excel at school and build on what was started at Dayspring.  We have the utmost gratitude towards everyone at Dayspring and thank you again for everything you have done for our boys and family.  Charlie looks forward to continuing his piano lessons and I am sure since we live so close that we will stop over at some point next year and say hello.

Rebecca and Charles Bidwill


“We have proudly called Dayspring Montessori School our family's school of choice for over three years. Our son and daughter have both been students and have thrived beyond our expectations under the exceptional guidance and care of the staff. With over 30 years in teaching, the directress understands the potential within each of her students and guides them to achieve high standards. Along with the academic curriculum, students are exposed to music, Spanish, and physical activities as part of their day. A true Montessori school, Dayspring offers a wonderful, encouraging environment for children to thrive.” 

Paul and Cherie Einum     Northbrook, IL


"Dayspring Montessori School provides my children with a high-quality early childhood education, but more importantly I feel it is a school that also provides an emotionally safe, secure, and loving environment for young learners. The teachers truly enjoy working with their students, and my kids look forward to going to school each day at Dayspring."

Jen, mother of Abigail and Maksym


"Now 3-and-a-half-years-old, our daughter joined Dayspring Montessori School one year ago as a full-time student. She rapidly made new friends at school while becoming more confident in her own aptitudes. A very happy child, she is also learning to count, read and write and is making great progress. She apparently chooses challenging exercises as she enjoys solving difficult problems. The educators are extremely dedicated and are really concerned with the well-being of their pupils. Regular meetings are scheduled to assess the progresses of each child. Parents are also educated in the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy so that they can better support the academic development of their children. Our daughter frequently comes home with her drawings and her different scientific and artistic projects (e.g. hand-crafted map of the world, drawings on development stages of plants, little hand-made figurines). She also learns to play musical instruments, and even gets acquainted with the Spanish language. At home, she always attempts to help us with our daily tasks as she takes pride in her achievements. If you want your child to happily come home and joyously go to school, learn great skills, learn the value of hard work and respect, Dayspring Montessori School is the learning institution you need!"

Mona & Herve, parents of Michelle


“There are many things that your child does that make you proud to be their parent. It’s also the little things, the things that we as adults take for granted, that make my daughter squeal with joy. Such things as being able to write a new word, seeing how colors, numbers and letters match and blend around her, and how she is now able to read signs as we drive past them. We see her coming more and more alive, thrilled, and confident with every day because of the exposures she obtains at school. Meeting Karis Larson, and placing her at Dayspring Montessori School has been one of the best things we could have ever done for our daughter. We really are awestruck with our daughter’s development.”

Renee & Steve, parents of Jessica and James

Ode to Dayspring Montessori School Karis, you were such a great find when we were looking for a new School after our move from California to Illinois. We wanted a place were Bryce could be nurtured And a place where knowledge would be given to our sweet boy!Bryce has grown so much in his two years there And benefited from the music and cultural days. For all that you have given our little boy, Allen and I lift our voices in praise!Challenging work is the order of the day and Your school inspires our boy. He has been so proud of so many things he has learned there-To see your child so happy is truly a parent’s joy!Bryce has always been a musical child But he blossomed while at your school. He loves to sing and has learned so many songs And now he thinks the recorder and the piano rule! World geography, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction Writing, reading and so much more….He is so confident after his time there and His wings are spread and he is ready to soar! He will excel in first grade and beyond Because of all the great experiences he got with you. Character counts as do respect and honesty and He got that and so much more at your great school! Bryce will never forget the friends he made and all the Things he experienced while at Dayspring.He has loved ballet, Spanish and the toddlers he cared for so lovingly And most of all his musical performances at each Spring Sing! I always tell Bryce that the 3 R’s are the most important things: Responsibility, Resourcefulness and Respect. With so much care and opportunity at the school and so Many ways for his heart and mind to connect! To Karis and David and all the great staff, Allen, Bryce and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. Bryce will always remember the famous “Ten Rules” on the door of the classroom. When we chose your school, we really and truly won!!Thank you so very much!Allen Dusault and Jo Davidson