About Us

Dayspring Montessori School was founded by David and Karis Larson in 2007, based on the Montessori philosophy with emphases on music. Karis believes that Montessori Education is the way children should be educated as a help to life and an education for peace. She has taught her two grown children in the Montessori way. She has served children as a teacher for about 30 years in Montessori Education. Now, she wants to lead children with the rest of her strengths, ideas, and especially big love for teaching, with strong abilities of music for children, assisting their lives and making peace in their minds.

Montessori, and music are Dayspring Montessori School’s strongest points. Karis, and our faculty want to share their love and skills with children and to assist them in finding their own given talents, and sharing them with others in the universe.