Programs and Curriculum

 Dayspring Montessori School puts high value on children, recognizing their dignity, individuality,  and their personal potential. 

 Our programs afford children the opportunity for maximum growth-creatively, intellectually, and socially-by allowing them to explore and work at their own pace without fear of failure.

 Our programs are 15 months old through kindergarten. 


 Multi-Age Grouping

Dayspring classes are grouped according to Maria Montessori’s philosophy of combining ages together.

The classes are designed to have children ages fifteen months to three years or three to six years together. 

Grouping these ages together enhances both academic and social development. Younger children are challenged and stimulated by the academic progress of the older children.

They observe the older children in what they are learning and want to do like them. The older children benefit much by being models and peer level tutors or coaches of the young children. By explaining the concepts, the older children learn mentoring skills and gain confidence and leadership skills.

These are skills that are desirable at every stage in life and the best time to set the foundations for these skills and the corresponding self confidence is childhood.