“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words, 

but by experiences in the environment.” 

- Maria Montessori -


We are dedicated to the Montessori way and are fully equipped to provide your children with a world of learning opportunities. We facilitate their journey of discovery and mastery of the most basic concepts and knowledge, leading gradually and steadily to higher levels. Children come alive in a Montessori environment paced to the progressive stages in their growth and we share the excitement of children using and developing their own mind and skills.

Dayspring Montessori School is a non-for-profit corporation and a friendly, non-sectarian, culturally diverse school. It is a member school of American Montessori Society and Association of Illinois Montessori Schools. And also is registered under the Illinois Board of Education and is licensed by Department of Children and Family Services.

About DMS

Founded in 2007 by Karis Larson, Dayspring Montessori School is deeply rooted in the Montessori philosophy, with a special emphasis on music. Karis is not just the founder; she's a passionate advocate for Montessori Education as a powerful tool for guiding children on their life journey and promoting peace.

As the mother of two grown children who thrived in the Montessori way, she knows firsthand the transformative impact it can have on young minds. With decades of experience as a Montessori teacher, Karis is now channeling her boundless love for teaching and her strong musical abilities to empower children, enrich their lives, and cultivate peace within their hearts and minds.

At Dayspring Montessori School, our pillars of strength are Montessori education and music. Karis, along with our dedicated faculty, is committed to imparting their love and skills to children. Our mission is clear: to help children discover their unique talents and encourage them to share their gifts with the world. We believe that by nurturing each child's innate abilities, we contribute to a more harmonious universe.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to empower children in their physical, intellectual, and spiritual development within a carefully prepared environment that fosters peace.

At Dayspring, we believe in the inherent potential of every child. Our commitment is to assist children in their journey to discover and recognize truth across all their studies, encouraging them to become truth seekers. We are deeply inspired by the Montessori approach, as it provides a natural pathway for children to think, develop, contemplate, and grasp the world around them through the lens of their own unique perspectives.

Our role is to support and guide children on their educational journey, ensuring that they grow into responsible and compassionate members of society, dedicated to the pursuit of peace.

Dayspring Montessori warmly welcomes students of all races, genders, religions, nationalities, and ethnic backgrounds.

Dayspring Montessori maintains an inclusive admissions policy, subject to classroom availability. 

We extend an open invitation to all interested families to schedule a school tour and observe our classrooms. 

Following the tour, families are encouraged to submit an application for admission to one of our programs. 

To arrange a school tour or request enrollment information, please contact us at 847-714-9002. 

We invite you to learn more about our school and our new facility by reaching out to us and completing our admissions form.