Programs and Curriculums

At Dayspring Montessori School, we hold children in the highest regard, acknowledging their inherent dignity, unique individuality, and untapped potential.

Our programs provide children with the opportunity for comprehensive growth, nurturing their creativity, intellect, and social development. We do so by allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace, free from the fear of failure.

Our programs cater to children aged one year and a quarter to Kindergarten.

Multi-Age Grouping

In line with Maria Montessori's philosophy of combining children of varying ages, our classes at Dayspring Montessori School are thoughtfully structured. We bring together children aged one and a quarter to three, as well as three to six years old.

This age grouping not only enriches academic growth but also fosters social development. Younger children find inspiration and motivation in the academic progress of their older peers. They aspire to emulate the older children, observing firsthand the knowledge they acquire each day. Simultaneously, older children benefit by serving as role models, peer-level mentors, and coaches to their younger counterparts.

Through teaching, concepts become even more deeply ingrained in the minds of the older children, and they acquire valuable teaching skills, along with the confidence that teaching is within their capabilities. Teaching and leadership are skills that hold value at every stage of life, and the foundation for these skills, as well as the corresponding self-assuredness, is best established during childhood.

Any Questions regarding our curriculums? 

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