Preschool Program

Preschool Program 

(Ages 3 - 5 Years Old)


Dayspring, we not only focus on fostering the fundamental growth of preschoolers as they become more equipped to face life as active, aware, and communicative children, but we also meet them at this stage and introduce them to the captivating world of Science, Geography, Mathematics, Language, Sensorial Activities, Practical Life Activities, Art, and Music. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to help each child reach their full potential. We believe that the introduction and ongoing learning experiences are best facilitated through hands-on, concrete materials, allowing children to grasp abstract concepts by understanding their real-world applications.

Our Montessori classroom is purposefully structured to instill in children a genuine love for learning, along with the independent motivation and means to pursue it. As they continue in this nurturing environment, they gain confidence in their ability to explore, discover, and understand, realizing the worth of their own interests. This growing sense of self-mastery provides a strong foundation for future studies and life experiences. These are essential academic skills that begin to develop in the preschool classroom, as preschoolers begin to work independently and make their own discoveries.

In the prepared Montessori environment at Dayspring, the following areas are covered:

At Dayspring, we are committed to nurturing the full potential of your child and providing them with a solid foundation for their future academic and life endeavors.